Volunteer Opportunities

Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP)
RSVP is hosted by Experience, Inc. and matches people age 55 and older who want to make a difference in the community with programs and agencies needing volunteers. RSVP offers a wide range of positions to meet any preference. Included are the RSVP Toy Shoppe, the VITA Tax Program, Babies for Blankets Project, mentoring opportunities, as well as many opportunities to assist the elderly.  The Volunteer Companion Program is one program where volunteers assist homebound seniors twice a week. A small stipend is available for these volunteers. RSVP is a member of the Senior Corps and the United Fund of Warren Co.
Phone: (814) 723-7751 or (814) 723-3900
Email: rsvp@westpa.net

YVC coordinates a variety of service programs for youths ages 11 and older to benefit the community as well as to help develop positive abilities and attitudes for youth participants. YVC coordinates school-based and community-based volunteer opportunities to offer a wide variety of projects appealing to youth to make their service meaningful as well as enjoyable. It is a local affiliate of the YVC of America, and is sponsored by RSVP, Experience, Inc., and the United Fund of Warren Co.
Phone: (814-723-7489
Email: yvc@westpa.net

RSVP Toy Shoppe
The Toy Shoppe, located on the Warren State Hospital grounds, has been in operation since 1988. Run by volunteers under the direction of RSVP, the Toy Shoppe makes old-fashioned wooden toys for needy children. The benefits extend much further than to the needy children. The Toy Shoppe core volunteers, age fifty-five or older, are beneficiaries of the wonderful programming. Many of them are retired and see working at the Toy Shoppe as an opportunity to give back to the community and to make a difference in a truly profound way. Volunteers from centers and schools also receive great benefits from the work they do. This is , often, a therapeutic activity, providing a sense of accomplishment and purpose acheived by working on a project that is worthwhile.  The volunteers also, occasionally, work on community projects.

Vita Tax Classes
(Volunteer Income Tax Assistance)
This program, also under RSVP, trains volunteers to help the elderly with their tax returns. Volunteers get free IRS training and on-the-spot satisfaction, again and again, when using their knowledge to help others. This program is for citizens with low to limited income, individuals with disabilities, non-English speaking and are elderly. Volunteers are located at Experience, Inc. senior and community centers from February through April 15 for appointments.