What is Link?

 Link to Aging and Disability Resources
 What is Link?

 Link to Aging and Disabilities Resources is a collaborative effort among community
 agencies and the Office of Long Term Living to provide INFORMATION about services
 and supports to individuals over the age of 60, and persons 18 to 59 with disabilities.

 Community Resources for Independence (1-866-579-3404) and the
Warren/Forest Area Agency on Aging (1-800-281-6545) are the core partners
for the Warren/Forest Counties LINK.

 A knowledgeable network of partnering agencies (found on this web site) will provide 
supportive services to the target population within Warren/Forest Counties. Information
and assistance on services will be provided for both private pay and publicly funded

 The Warren/Forest Counties Link to Aging and Disability Resources can provide
information and support in the following areas:

• Assistive Technology
• Drug and Alcohol
• Emergency Contacts
• Employment Services
• Financial Assistance
• Health and Nutrition
• Health Insurance
• Home Modifications
• Housing Assistance
• In-Home Services
• Legal Aid
• Medical Services
• Mental Health Services
• Protective Services
• Support Groups
• Transportation
• Utilities and Fuel
• Veterans Services
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