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Tips for Long-Distance Caregivers

from Know what you need to know. Experienced caregivers recommend that you learn as much as you can about your parent’s illness and treatment. Information can help you understand what is going on, anticipate the course of an illness, prevent crises, and assist in disease management. It can also make talking with the doctor easier. […]

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The Elder Loneliness Epidemic

The Elder Loneliness Epidemic In an age where communicating with a friend or family member on the other side of the country takes no more than a few clicks of a mouse, or a few taps on a cell phone screen, research indicates that we are, as a society, more lonely than we have ever […]

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Silent Killers

Silent Killers: 5 Overlooked Heart Attack Symptoms By Lori Johnston,  for      February 08, 2012   February is a month when folks focus on matters of the heart, but it’s not just about falling in love. February is also American Heart Month. When it comes to our loved ones, we’re concerned about potential heart attacks, […]

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Age-Proofing Your Brain (from AARP)

Alzheimer’s isn’t inevitable. Many experts now believe you can prevent, or at least delay, dementia – even if you have a genetic predisposition. Reducing Alzheimer’s risk factors like obesity, diabetes, smoking and low physical activity by just 25 percent could prevent up to half-a-million cases of the disease in the United States, according to a […]

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What is Link?

 Link to Aging and Disability Resources  What is Link?  Link to Aging and Disabilities Resources is a collaborative effort among community  agencies and the Office of Long Term Living to provide INFORMATION about services  and supports to individuals over the age of 60, and persons 18 to 59 with disabilities.  Community Resources for Independence (1-866-579-3404) […]

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Active Aging

ACTIVE AGING Week 2011 By ICAA U.S. Department of health & Human Services February 11, 2011  A myriad of activities can enhance health and well-being. The key is to find the right ones for an individual. One example of how we can encourage people to find what works for them is ICAA’s Active Aging Week. […]

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