Beets Help Lower Blood Pressure

Eat your beets! Every parent, almost, has to say this to their children at least once.
Well, we’re saying it to ourselves and our parents now. If you want to lower your blood
pressure without medicine, you better listen to yourself, or your children.
Diet is the first line of defense for high blood pressure. The second thing is to lower
your salt intake. Using sea salt can help because it is high in iodine but does not have as
much sodium as regular table salt.
This means cutting out, or restricting the amount of chips and popcorn, not salting your
food at the table (usually the cook has put in enough) and limiting canned food and
processed meats.
The second thing is to eliminate as much of your stress factors as you can. You can do
this by exercising the mind and the body. Yoga and Tai Chi, as well as walking and
meditation, are good exercises to help eliminate stress and relax your body.
According to a study done by Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry,
if you drink one cup of beetroot juice a day, your blood pressure may drop by 10 mmHg.
I would think that eating beets regularly might do the same thing. It’s worth a try if you
suffer from high blood pressure.
They believe the drop is due to the nitrate in beetroot juice, which can also be found in
lettuce, fennel and cabbage. Nitrate, used in drugs to treat heart pain, widens the blood
vessels to allow the blood to flow more freely. You can see results within 24 hours. This
is a temporary, but fast way to lower your blood pressure.
If you change your way of eating, reduce your stress (or exercise and meditate) it could
be a way to permanently lower your blood pressure.
Information from
From article by Dr. Mark Wiley

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